Teams and team dynamics would add a new dimension to Zwift. I know that zwiftpower has teams, but it should be more integrated with the Zwift game itself.

  • Custom team jerseys
  • Team training
  • Races where teams competed against each other. Yes, we can do that today, but there should be harder to split up teammates. More stickiness to teammates would make it easier to act like a team in the game.
  • We could have leagues where teams competed.

I like the idea that teams should be built into the game. A bit like guilds in WoW or similar.

However I absolutely don’t agree that there should be any gameplay advantage to it. Not everyone one wants to be in a team, but they should play on the same field. Even if someone does want to be in a specific team there’s no guarantee they’ll be accepted.

I think there must be a separation between individual races, where it is man against man, and team races. In team races we could have more stickiness to teammates.

How about having specific Team Races? Members of a team have the same jersey and a team chat. A team of 8 or 10 could bring some new tactics to the game. A earlier sign in would be necessary to form the teams …

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