Nerfed bikes and what even is the point of the drop shop?

Another update, another nerfed bike. This time it’s the Chapter2 TOA which seems to have had it’s aero wings clipped according to Zwift Insider. And this after only spending some drops on it the other day for the first stage of Tour of Watopia so I guess I didn’t get any benefit then either.

Also, according to Zwift Insider it seems we will be locked to the default Zwift gravel frame and wheels for Stage 4. So why did Zwift just release a bunch of new gravel wheels but make them impossible to use in ToW?

I know Zwift has a lot of problems and for the most part they can be overlooked (or worked around) but constantly getting screwed over by Zwift with bike performance “maintenance” is really starting to piss me off.

I knew this woukd happen, too good to be true… back to the tron bike… :man_facepalming:


Agreed, if your going to keep screwing us over at least give us the option to sell frames/wheels back to the game.


I mean, it is frustrating and pretty sad that Zwift can’t get the aero values correct… But I’m starting to learn not to buy them as soon as they are released.


I have seen this over and over again. I don’t hardly buy anything anymore especially new stuff just because of this reason.

I too wish you could sell back stuff, even if you don’t get full credit I would dump a ton of stuff. A Zwifter only really needs 4 frames and 3 wheels.
Climbing Bike/Lightweight wheels
Aero Bike/disk wheels
TT bike/ disk wheels
Tron for fun.
I guess a MTN bike too so the dozen of frames I have I hardly ever use either.

I wish they would really fix this little hiccup.

I did the same. You buy and then some days after the bikes get downgraded …
They did that with the Aeroad, and another that I don´t remember.
I simply doesn´t even care to look the “new” bikes on each upgrade :stuck_out_tongue:

Does anyone know how much they nerfed the TOA?
I can not find it anywhere.
I was planing to buy it as it was a great allrounder a few days ago according to the numbers of Zwift insider

golden rule #1 of zwift: tron is king
golden rule #2 of zwift: never spend drops on a new frame/wheelset if it breaks all the charts on release


It’s @Eric_Schlange_ZwftIn’s fault, he is the one who tests them and then tells us to all go buy them like it’s March 2020 and the toilet paper was just restocked.


My advice to all new Zwifters is buy nothing.

The difference between the stock bikes and top tier is seconds, not minutes, over a very long course.

If I had a redo, I’d:

  • Select the Everest Challenge, prioritize climbing routes and unlock the Emonda. Boom, great climber - the TOP climber only beats it by something like 9 seconds up Adz at 300Watts with a 75kg rider. Why would you spend drops on anything else?
  • Go climb some more, get the Z1 Concept bike (aka Tron)…at which point…
  • You’re done until Level 26 when you can get the Canyon Speedmax CF SLX Disc, the top TT frame in the game.
  • Wait until L42 for the DT Swiss ARC 1100 DICUT DISC wheelset, the fastest TT wheelset.

That’s it. The perfect garage with no distractions.

Maybe get the Buffalo Bike, and the Zwift Safety Bike and wheelset just for giggles. I might make a concession to buy the bottom tier Zwift TT, Zwift Gravel, and Zwift Mountain bikes, just to say you’ve got “one of everything” until you get the “best of everything.”


@Eric_Schlange_ZwftIn can you please provide us with numbers of the nerfed Chapter2 TOA???

When you got time please also adjust all the frame lists with the correct numbers. The lists are incorrect for a few weeks now and unaware people are buying new frames on you’re old and incorrect numbers

info in his latest post:


thanks Mike

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A few weeks? The update was released exactly 1 week ago.

I’d love to be able to run these tests faster… but even with three machines going, it still takes a while.


I also ment the previous update where the changes were not incorporated in the charts and frame lists.

But just read you’re latest post on Zwift insider and saw that Zwift has changed all bikes, which will be a massif job for you that I was not aware off.

Sorry for my impassiance

The main charts for wheels and frames are all current thru February’s update.


I have never bought anything


This is the way.


Hey Zwift, is everything OK there?

“Whoever updated the aero settings for the fastest frames didn’t change the Zwift Aero frame, so it’s now matching speeds with the Cervelo S5 2020, Specialized Venge S-Works, Felt AR, and Uranium Nuclear. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯” from ZwiftInsiders latest article on update 1.23.1 (100589)

You guys know that a lot of people use Zwift as a training platform and one metric they use to measure improvement is the time it takes to complete a particular segment (say, the Alpe de Zwift for instance). Constantly messing about with speeds is messing about with people’s ability to train which is disrupting, negatively affecting or inhibiting your users from fully enjoying your Platform.


I feel like I’ve read somewhere that this is a violation of some sort… :wink: