Nerfed bikes and what even is the point of the drop shop?

Woah. Never had more than 2 million drops. Gonna have to start saving!


They’re wasted on me! I don’t really care about frames, wheels or kit or anything.

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I have spoken.

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All these changes made constantly to the bike speeds is killing the fun of Zwift for me. I am only a member since mid january, but I think I will end my membership soon and look elsewere for a nice training.

It is one thing to correct bugs, but all these frame changes over and over have no place with reality. And when you ask support members for the reason of why this has been done you get a stupid answer: “We need to change the frame speed of older frames because the introduction of newer frames that are more aero or lighter.”

What Bull is that. Never ever are older frame types getting slower in reality. Only newer frames can go faster.

The fun of Zwift is getting a beating every time and it is costing you guys customers.


I fully agree.
Two points I would like to complain about
-I will not be able to measure my growth in KOM segments.
-There is no way to know the detailed performance in the game.

I like the new equipment coming out and I don’t complain so much about it being faster than what came before.
But there are too many cases these days where the same equipment can be used at different speeds (although I’m sure this is partly due to bugs). For example, when I update my Alpe PR 10 seconds faster using the same equipment, I am not sure if that represents growth or just an effect of the update. I really don’t like this.

And if you’re not an avid reader of Zwift Insider, you’re at a disadvantage in races - Zwift Insider is a good site, but it’s really stressful to keep up with the latest information and updates every time.

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Altering the performance of a newly released frame or set of wheels is sloppy. Users can avoid that problem by not buying new items as soon as they are released - which does sort of kill the excitement of getting a shiny new virtual toy…

But with the latest release, Zwift has apparently nerfed EVERY fast frame and set of wheels. That pisses me off more than it probably should.

Zwift - Restore the performance values of the established frames and wheels. And STOP messing with them. If you want to introduce new, faster equipment, fine. But quit changing performance parameters after release.


I think every Bike should have a wear indicator the more you ride it the slower it gets as it wears out. You can then use Drop to repair your bike or you can buy a new bike. Bike wear should be like 10% of earned drops, so if you ride and accumulate 1000 drops it will cost 100drops to repair the bike to the state it was when you started.
This will be a lot of programming hours but can be a fun way to use all those drops that we have.

We should also have the option to “sell” a bike back to the drop shop.

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And every time Zwift crashes while you ride you have to replace the bike and wheels you were on when it crashed.


Even though this is a bit of a Zombie thread, I like the idea of “bike wear”.

Those drops will become very meaningful.
Right now we have long discussions whether a particular course is better suited for a Tron bike or a Venge and the difference is less than 5 secs!
Wouldn’t it be great to throw in a 5 % depreciation factor. Then a New Venge would be faster than an old Tron but the old Tron is still faster than an old Venge.

Riders would be saving drops to get a new bike before a big race.

That would bring a lot of fun back to the game.

Depreciating bike performance would affect PR times but (as I repeat) unless your on a TT bike, the draft and pack dynamics of the surrounding riders affect our times so much , that I feel people should not be so consumed with best times.


Not a Zomie thread.
I thought it said March 2018 and it was mar 18th. Duh.

This is a really poor idea. I have bikes IRL with mega kilometres (30,000km+) that run as quickly and smoothly as they did the day they were new.

Are we supposed to buy virtual chains and cassettes now?

This idea would make me cancel my Zwift account permanently and go back to a traditional software like PerfPRO Studio - the developer didn’t mess with it constantly.


I just saw this posted by @Eric_Schlange_ZwftIn in his article about the update:

" Update 3/21/2022: after further testing and a lot of digging, it’s clear Zwift did not make a lot of changes to frame or wheel performance in this update. Our timing changes were due to a temporary (and as yet unspecified) issue in our systems which has since been rectified. Ride on, friends."

Is my assumption correct that the TOA frame is again the best all-rounder ? And are almost all time sheets correct again?
If it is I have bought the Canyon Aeroad 2021 for no good reason at all and wasted my drops (again)

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Hahaha, i was right, it was his fault :rofl: :joy:

Thanks for pointing out it was a system failure @sjaak_van_Haasteren, I wouldnt have gone back to that article and seen the redacted section otherwise.


Yes, TOA still the best all arounder.


Thanks Eric for the news. Now I need to ride lot’s of KM to get enough drops again :hot_face: :hot_face: :hot_face:

If i could gift you mine i would!

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This idea would make me cancel my Zwift account permanently and go back to a traditional software…

Agreed. That (bike wear and maintenance) is one bit of reality I’d rather not deal with in Zwift. My physical bike that I use for Zwift already needs drivetrain maintenance regularly. My performance in game suffers noticeably if I don’t keep the chain clean and waxed. I’d rather not have to spend drops on virtual bike maintenance on top of that.


I was just thinking out loud how to get some use out of the millions of drops that we have accumulated.


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I have no desire to spend any, I don’t see why we should have to spend them just for the sake of it.

if people want to buy stuff let them, if not then no harm done.

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I understand @Chris_Holton

If there is no use for them then it will become like XP.

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