Anything new for drop shop this year?

Was looking through update logs and others last week and realized… we haven’t had a single new bike in 11 months; the last being the Cadex Tri and handcycle.

Kind of surprised we haven’t seen anything in just shy of an entire year.
Or did we just get spoiled last year?

Have asked this before, but no reply from anyone from Zwift.

As well as some of the newer bikes recently released, would be nice to see some older bikes added Does not have to be the fastest or lightest, just something for fun like an old chopper for those old enough to remember.

I haven’t seen plans for new frames/wheels as of yet, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t anything planned.


S-Works Tarmac SL8 would be good, as would a classic 2018 Canyon Ultimate CF EVO and the CF EVO SL (the really extreme light version). Have them as special unlocks for those who did 100 ADZ or 25 Ventop. Those should be the fastest bikes uphill and fairly fast on mixed courses (because they actually are fairly aero).

I would also love a Team Sunweb colour scheme on the Cervelo S5 - that’s my real bike. :wink:

Could also do with Tron getting nerfed because it has missed out on that so far. :wink:

Adding paint options for existing bikes in the game would interest me more than new frames. There are a lot of bikes with the same or almost the same performance characteristics, so I don’t care a lot about yet another replica of the Venge/Felt AR/Cervelo S5/Uranium Nuclear performance onto a different manufacturer’s product. Unlocking colorways as a part of missions or levels would be appealing.


Totally can agree with this too; some bikes are definitely beginning to show their age, which is now upwards of 5 years old.

But that said, and I know you’re joking about another replica, as many bikes do look pretty similar right now…

But the paint jobs are all over the map; having more textures and color options for the frames we do have would help dramatically.

I think I just get tired of stepping into every race and expecting it to be a field of either a black tron, or a grey Venge on the DTSwiss disc with the orange band.

Meanwhile it’s a shame we have these gorgeous Zwift sponsored bikes that we don’t even get semi replicas of in-game.

I can assure you; if bike texture templates were open to public use, I would be spending a lot of time painting up frames just to make the field a bit more interesting.


:+1: The Venge should be #1 on the list of frames to get paint options. People love the bike and the only color option is as drab as a rainy day.


With 70.9 million drops I’d like to buy you all a beer or two.

Edit: This is limited to the above 6 users who have posted :wink:


Perhaps the Zwift HQ focus could move away from racing and to ways we can spend our drops?


Only thing I’m curious about is how deeply embedded in code at least the drop shop of just wheels and bikes are.

I’m not opposed to spending drops on things like jerseys, socks, shoes, helmets, etc. but I’m not sure that stuff can be added to the drop shop (I could of course be wrong).

Same with different paint job / liveries for bikes.

Shoot… I’m willing to bet people would be willing to spend their drops on things like a different bell sound (obviously not everyone; I know some people like hoarding their drops and complaining “nothing is worth it”, but that’s kind of the point isn’t it?).
Once you hit level 42 or whatever right now, there’s nothing worth saving for; that doesn’t mean people aren’t interested in spending it on silly things like sunglasses, or bell sounds, etc.

I wouldn’t mind seeing the drop shop open up to things beyond frames and wheels.

Too much work for a 3d modeler to make us new sunglasses and helmets etc?
Give us a paint slider for those things, give us at least a tiny amount more customizability.

Some bikes with the paint sliders can look a little strange at times; but it would be nice for all frames to have that slider regardless. (I do agree the Shiv is probably the worst here though; has a slider, but the thing is basically black, what’s the point).

But I also wouldn’t be opposed to seeing Zwift open up bike textures for public competitions.
If ZHQ doesn’t want to pay an intern to paint some liveries, push it onto the community!

I can guarantee plenty of folks would be happy to spend some time and paint up a frame get a free month on Zwift or say a coupon from the Zwift webstore for some bottles or whatever.

Some of this work can be offloaded.
There is an expansive community with all sorts of talent; it’s a good resource that needs tapping into beyond ride events.


On Mac you can see them in the files if you look in the right place.

You can also see the Merida Scultura Bahrain bike that used to be in Zwift is removed now…

Matej Mohoric used to ride that in Zwift. That day he was flying up the epic KOM with heart rate shown and then for good measure the Radio Tower bonus climb. Simply mad how fast those pro riders are.

How fast? Try 345w power for Epic KOM at around 145bpm then smashing it up to 450-500w up the radio tower climb.


I’ve seen some rare and now removed frame paints here and there; like the old Canyon Aeroad (granted I think that was actually a unique frame). I know there’s a unique Canyon paint for some actual Canyon riders IRL as well that I’ve seen before.
Can’t say I’ve seen that Merida but I like it quite a lot.
I bet he was so fast with it though because it lacks brake calipers :smiley:

I saw someone with the old AHDR (team I’m on) kit like two days after someone had asked about it which was funny; so it’s hilarious to see some of the legacy stuff. I’ll never understand why they remove it…

And yeah; I’ve “seen” the files on PC, but of course all of the stuff is encrypted in whatever format they use.

I’m curious how much of the bike shop stuff is limited to new items due to interactions with those companies. If that is the case; I do think different liveries and the paint slider being unlocked really shouldn’t be an issue.

Meanwhile, the “meta” bikes like the Venge and Scott Addict RC, in the gray and that purple/neon yellow I feel like I never even see pictures of those bikes in those colors.

What focus on racing?

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I guess you could argue that all the work being done with pack dynamics, cat enforcement, racing score, and steering (Zwift play) benefits the racing community?