Drop Shop frames

So I posted about this under feedback and had no response. Then contacted support and they basically told me to try to make a fuss about it on the forums because that’s how they prioritise things… :wink:

The Drop Shop should be a great new feature but it isn’t, because there’s nothing in it worth buying! I’m already at level 20 so have a whole bunch of nice frames and wheels, and none of the ones on sale are any better in terms of weight and aero properties. But the worst thing is that the frames don’t consistently reflect their real-life conunterparts, and almost none of them have colour options!

I had to get to level 20 before I could get a good bike (Madone) that had the ability to properly customise the colour. Why would I spend all of my drops on something that has worse or no better performance and looks crap because it can’t be coloured? Why do so few frames offer colour customisation…???

Also, as a Ridley Helium SLX owner in the RW I strongly object to the fact that this frame only has a three star weight rating. The Tarmac Pro, Cannondale Evo, Trek Emonda, Canyon Ultimate and Cervelo R5 all have four star weight ratings. Of these, only the Emonda could possibly be said to be lighter than the Helium, and the Tarmac and R5 are significantly heavier… Please fix this!!

The 1 to 4 star rating needs to go too. Make it numbers 1 through 10. You can have 10 frames that are all 4 stars for weight but yet they all climb at different rates.


Im sure the drop shop is only created to please the investors,imho its useless,and whats the point with levels now when theres drops instead?

yes, same for me - the whole logic is unclear and very bizarre.
By the lvl 15 you could get most of the best frames and wheels. Actually, almost the best… Those that you can get are in the top 6, so there is no real difference between the one you get at lvl 10-15 and 30+
Actually the best things you could get outside the Drip Shop, like the Alpe wheels and the Tron bike. And I hope that they will no cut it… Since I understand that after the last update the Tron bike is not the same as before, but still one of the best.
Actually, it would be really cool to make some additional “Challenge” for the Tron, example: climb 50km and receive Tron, climb 80 km and make it 200 grams lighter, climb 100 km and make minus another 150 grams, climb 250 km and make it minus another 50 grams. Would be really cool feature.

All that concerns the so-called Star system of measurement for the moment looks more as a decoration. Well, actually without any logic on the frames, as in present state, the whole Drop Shop looks like decoration (but still a very cool decoration ))).


It is a big change for advanced long-time Zwifters. I think new people will be pleased. Many are not going to ride 10,000 km to get the Cervelo S5. More people are interested in name or looks than race features. A lot of miles are needed for the better bikes. But, at least you are working toward that purchase and not putting it way up on a level some Zwifters would take 3 years to attain.
I think there will be more special paint unlocks like the pink/red Canyon Academy gave out as well as the men’s bike in Qubheka green.The Specialized mixtape paint is coming in May.
I think random dynamics would be better than a perfect listing of speed. I have quickly exhausted what I want to buy and will wait to see what appears next. ( I love the Diamondback, Bolide, and Ventum, despite two of them are all black, but why buy them when I know they are slower than the P5X I bought?) And I don’t like the safety bike and wouldn’t buy it for 5K yet alone 3.5 million.Ugly.
The fastest bike ever was the April 1 2018 bike (yes really!) and the first day of one of the time trial bikes (because the first day by an error, it could draft.)
Don’t forget, this brings in advertising/sponsor money. So, it essentially is saving you money. With pro team racing on Zwift, lots of bikes and jerseys are in Zwift. I hope someday, I can purchase a BMC jersey.
Give it a little time to develop and grow. In the long run, it will be a better system. I’m just glad they gave us some money to spend.

I was a little surprised that according to the *'s I pretty much maxed my frame out at level 12 with the Cannondale evo 2 aero and 4 weight. I understand the zwift insider test shows I might save a couple seconds over the length of the Alpe climb by getting the madone, but that won’t mean anything to me. I was just hoping for a setup that would keep me from getting dropped on D level group rides.

I guess we just buy worse or equal frames with our drops? I hate to be negative, but the excitement of the drop shop lasted about 1 minute.

It’s just annoying that it would be so easy to make it so much better - provide detailed rating information for frames and wheels on a finer scale with one or two more parameters and in a way that refelects RW eqivalents (thus introducing more variety), and provide full colour customisation for all frames.

When you are actually riding on Zwift (as opposed to watching the promotion videos) you can generally only see the back of other riders’ bikes. This makes colour all the more important for personalisation.

Nonetheless, the physical representation of the bikes could be improved too. The Ridley Helium doesn’t even look like a Ridley Helium, the top tube angle is wrong. It looks as if they just took the Cannondale Evo model, stuck the Ridley logo on and (completely inappropriately) took a star away from the weight rating…

Can’t help suspecting that the bike company sponsors get different deals depending on how much revenue they offer - “give us another $10,000 and we’ll give this frame another star”. This is a really bad deal for the end user, who is already paying through the nose after the recent hikes in subscription fees. For the money that Zwift gets from us and from the sponsors they could at least afford to pay one of their web designers a couple of hours overtime to give us some more colour options…