Some major drop shop gripes!

I principle the drop shop is a great idea - but what’s going on with the frame properties and prices??

I own a Ridley Helium SLX so was pleased at the prospect of being able to duplicate my real-life bike on Zwift, but there is NO WAY that this frame should be rated at only three stars for weight, when the Cannondale Evo, Canyon Ultimate, Cerevlo R5, Trek Emonda and the Specialized Tarmac are all four stars!!

The Helium is absolutely one of the lightest frames out there (the clue is in the name). It’s considerably lighter than both the Tarmac and the R5. So why only three stars? It’s also disproportionately expensive on Zwift, about twice the cost of the Cannondale Evo!

Please fix the weight at least.

Another gripe - can I assume that if there are no paint options before purchase that I’m stuck with the basic scheme? That seems like a really bad deal, and most of the frames on sale seem to fall into this category. For months I was looking forward to getting to level 20 and getting the Madone, not so much because it’s a fast bike, much more because I can have it any colour I want… Why do so few frames in Zwift offer full colour cusomisation? What’s the point in spending half a million drops on a skinny all-black frame that looks the same as all of the other skinny all-black frames and has inferior aero and weight properties? Surely the whole point of drop shop should be to offer some meanful choice?