Which Bike or Wheel to buy with drops?

I have drops and I haven’t purchased anything yet. I was going to purchase a new bike with them but wasn’t sure if more or fewer stars were better fro weight?

I want to make sure before I purchase something with my hard-earned drops.

Here is a link for the frames: Speed Tests: Zwift’s Fastest Bike Frames for Flat/Rolling Races | Zwift Insider

And here is wheels: Speed Tests: Zwift’s Fastest* Wheelsets | Zwift Insider

If you search Zwiftinsider you will find more test on different terrian.

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And if you just want simple answers on what to buy on each level, Zwiftinsider has you covered as well: Zwift Shopping Guide: What To Buy At Each Level | Zwift Insider


And make sure that you’re properly signed up for the Everest Challenge so that every foot/meter you climb counts toward earning the Tron (Zwift Concept) bike.

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I guesse I am looking for a high level of how to read the aero and weight stars

More stars for weight = lighter
More stars for aero = more aero

There’s really not much granularity in these, though, as items with identical star ratings may perform very differently. The links to Zwifit Insider tests that were listed above will give you a better idea of the actual performance of each item.


Nice list but i dont have the drops to buy what’s on that list… so i have to make a choice… then what to by first and save your drops for…

That’s what the “must buy” recommendations are there for.

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Together they are still more than you cycle together by that time. If you do the must buy from level 6, you can’t buy level 9. If you skip 6 and wait till 9, you can’t buy 10.

The question is, if I have 600-700.000 drop at 10, do I buy first of the must-haves at 6, 9 or 10

I’d probably buy the Canyon Aeroad and a set of DT Swiss wheels…

I bought the ENVE SES 3.4 wheels (which I don’t need anymore because I got the Meilensteins) followed by the Canyon Aeroad, then the Zipp 808 and the Cannondale Evo afterwards…

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That’s what I did. Saved my drops for the DT Swiss ARC 62 wheels, and then saved for the Canyon Aeroad 2021. It’s a really nice combo. I’m a level 13 btw.