Sugestion on what should i buy

hey there,
im currently in level 30 and with 2 millions drops to burn.
i have the Canyon Aeroad 2021 at this point and DT Swiss ARC 1100 Wheels.
im not getting the Tron bike anytime sooner, so any sugestion on what to buy at this stage?


@Thor_Gabrielsen created this nifty tool that allows you to navigate the Zwift Insider test data and apply it to routes you are interested in

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This is a very interesting tool, thanks for sharing.

Level up bot like everyone else does? :wink:

A few 12 hour rides at 5.5w/kg should have that tron bike in no time. :wink:

Did you too?

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Haha - no, I’m a long time Zwift user and lots of kms and lots of elevation. Don’t need to use a bot. :wink: I have over 1.4m XP.

Just feels like Zwift is getting overrun by bots and fake accounts.

What do you mean using bots?

Some naughty people don’t want to spend lots of time riding to level up or get tron so they create a computerised device to fake a real rider. Seems like a lot of them at the moment on Zwift.

Sounds like you are like me, do things properly. :slight_smile:

Well, this doesn’t make sense to me. If there is a challenge to get the Tron bike, the fun is to go for it and complete the challenge. If people does this , doesn’t hurt me. However cheating on races , etc …then is an issue :¥

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