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Is there an easy way to see what items I can purchase (based on Drops and level), without clicking on each and every brand?

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Thanks! Lots of good information there. I bought myself some ENVE SES 3.4 wheels to help me get to the Tron bike faster!

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I just bought the same wheels as my first purchase - It’s not getting me to the Tron bike any faster, but at least I look a little cooler doing it :stuck_out_tongue: - I’m close to unlocking the Trek Emonda too!

For the Tron bike, you should climb Alpe du Zwift as often as possible. By doing so, you can do all of the following at the same time:

  • Get the Lightweight Wheels (best for climbing).
  • Elevation towards the Everest Challenge (Tron bike).
  • Unlock “Avid Climber” badge (5x AdZ).
  • Unlock “Ma5ochi5t” badge (25x AdZ).

Unfortunately I am only level 8 - Not unlocked. Also…it would take me 5 hours haha

Epic KOM repeats! :+1:

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I believe there are some regular events you can join that climb the Alpe. And if you’re in an event you effectively bypass the level restriction. Look for events on the Road To Sky or Tour of Fire and Ice routes.

Or look for someone on the “Ride With” list who has accumulated 20km or so at < 20 km/h.

Can I find someone who is right near the top and “Ride with” from there so I can win the lightweight wheels without the effort lol

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Ha! I am pretty sure that you have to complete all the AdZ segments before you get the “Wheel of Fortune” and a chance to get the Lightweight Wheels.