What to buy in the drop shop !?

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I guess this has been answered before but I can’t find anything :frowning: it’s just a quick question on what people think is the best bike/wheel set up to buy at a low level? I’m level 8 at the moment with 310k drops, I’ve not purchased anything at all… not sure what to buy etc as I’m a very un-experienced cyclist in real life also.


@mike_baker Zwift Insider has some good articles on this you can check out at the links below:


Mega thanks a lot, I take it just buy whatever it says must buy next to?

you might want to save the drops until you get to level 11 and get the Tarmac Pro:


  • Zipp 202 wheels (149,200 Drops)
  • MUST BUY! Specialized Tarmac Pro frame (408,300 Drops)#1 climbing frame. Buy it. Put it in your garage. Use it on hard climbs.
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You could do the Everest challenge and get the emonda free (you should be doing this anyway to work towards earning the Tron bike)
That bike is almost as good as the tarmac for climbing

You really need the zwift aero frame (Ribble endurance is basically the same) those will do just fine until you hit level 14 and can get allez sprint

Getting the zipp 808 is a big thing to have too, be sure you have the drops to buy those right away!

You can’t do the Everest challenge until lvl 12 right ? But mega thanks guys for the tips

No, you are thinking of the route Alp d’ Zwift. (road to sky). The everest challenge is chosen in the settings menu, click on the large picture (it could be on tour of California or Italy by default).

And also the level requirement was lowered to 5 or 6 to open up more roads to all the users.


Emonda frame earned on the Everest Challenge and Enve 3.4 wheels purchased at level 4 is a good combination.

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Level 13 Zipp 808s and Level 14 Specalized Allez Sprint. Honestly you will be on that setup for just about all of your riding for a very long way and do well for yourself.

In the meantime complete Everest challenge for Trek Emonda and/or buy Tarmac Pro at Level 11. Pick up Enve SES 3.4 to go with it and you have a really good climbing setup that will last you until you unlock lightweight wheels… may take a long time. Note that these lightweight climbing setups are slow on the flats/rolling terrain. Aero is king on flats/rolling routes. Lightweight climbing wheels and frames hould only be used on long sustained climbing routes. Really only when you finish on a mountain top because wh is n you speed back down… aero is king again. I use climbing setup for AdZ climb up and just coast down.

I have never looked into a TT bike so no help there. I have used the Zwift TT a couple times when I needed it and that’s about it. I just hit 3.6m drops and will unlock tron bike soon (92%) so I am ready to research a TT frame now.



I’m a Zwift newbie. I read the Zwift Insiders guide on what to buy for under level 15. I am at level 8 and have 270k+ points. I think that I should be able to buy the DT Swiss Arc wheels, but they do not show up in the Drop Shop for me. Am I missing something?


Yes, they should show up. Are you sure you are in the Drop Shop, and not your Garage? And are you sure you are on the latest version of Zwift?

Oh! I think I was in my garage. I’ll pay closer attention when I ride tonight.

Thanks for pointing out the difference between the Garage and the Drop Shop.


I think that after level 13 where you can have something like an Aeroad and 808s, there is a big gap in the “must haves”…