No frames / wheels available

I’m on level 18 with 1,580,000 drops but no have update options for frames or wheels. Zwift steel frame and Zwift Classic wheels are the only options. From what I’ve been reading, it seems like I should have options by this point.


Hi @VeloAnarchy, welcome to the forums. You need to “purchase” frames and wheels in the drop shop, make sure you are looking in the correct area and not your “garage”.

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Check out to evaluate performance and think about where selections will happen in any races you do. Pick something that helps where you need the most help and buy it in the drop shop

Thanks @Mike_Rowe1 that solved my issue. I was looking in my garage.

Thanks again.

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Are you looking in the garage as opposed to the drop shop?

You need to go into the drop shop and spend drops.

Zwift Insider is a good guide as to what’s the best-testing options at level 18.

A lot depends on how close you are to the Tron bike. If you’re close, focus on a climbing bike and a time trial bike (Roval wheels, unless you have the Lightweights from Alpe), and MAYBE a mountain bike if you’re doing a lot of rare jungle-only races. If not, then aero performance is good to invest in.

I highly advised against buying that fastest items as you level up.

At level 21 you can purchase the Felt AR which is one of the best all around bikes in the game.
And bike choice truly only makes a difference when in a solo environment. 95% of your riding you will have draft and it essentially negates any actual difference between the bikes.

There is now way to sort or favorite your garage. It just becomes extremely cluttered with nonsense.