Can't spend my Drops?


I am Level 10 and have over 500,000 Drops but there is nothing available for me to purchase. I should be able to purchase at least a frame by now; correct?

What am I missing?



Hi @David_Leh, welcome to the Zwift forums!

You should be able to make some purchases in the drop shop, I know that in order to change bike frames and wheels you need to be stopped, not moving at all and no power, on the side of the road in one of the available worlds. This might be the same for accessing the drop shop.

Here is the list of must haves for level 10, you should save up for the Aeroad 2021.


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Thanks, but no Joy. I have only the 3 basic frames and the default wheel set available to me; not sure what the issue could be…

it doesn’t sound like you are in the drop shop, but in your garage looking at the frames you already own. The drop shop is different

Drop shop is on the right side


Aaahhh!!! Thank You!!

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