What should i buy?

Now iam lvl 11 and think about buying something with the DROPS. But im not sure how it works. So please help me. I wanna buy a frame for flat roads, because mostly i go for flat courses.

First question:
Everything is in Aero and Weight Stars.
2 Frames with 4 Stars in Aero are exactly the same? There are only 4 different types of any categories (aero & weight)

Second Question:
Were is the difference between Specialized Shiv and Specialized Shiv S Works ingame, They have the same 4 aero 1 weight stats and look the same but the s works costs 150.000 drops more? Doesnt make sense for me?

Third Question:
If i buy an aero bike like the Shiv, can i draft? Or is it like the Zwift TT Bike which isnt capable of drafting?

Thank you.

If you have some advice for buying or waiting for some special good frame or wheel. let me know.

ZwiftInsider would be a great resource for you to check out, here is a link to some of their test results: https://zwiftinsider.com/fastest-frames/

All TT/Tri bike get no draft benefit.


thanks i read now a lot.

last question, were can i get a real full disc? all wheelsets i checked are not full discs :frowning: were can i buy full discs for front and/or back wheel?

Disk wheels are in the Drop Shop but are level-locked at something like 37 and 45, I think. There is an 808/Super 9 set and and 858/Super 9 set, I think.

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