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Hello Zwifters

I’m a Zwift newbie that just reached level 10 after a month or so. I haven’t bought anything in the store (got around 700k drops), and just took a quick look, and omg there’s so many choices. I have almost unlocked the “Trek Emonda” from the Everest challenge, so I was just wondering, what bike would get me most value around level 10? Or should I just keep the Emonda as an “all rounder”?

I know there’s websites that have some lists, and I think they list the “Canyon Aeroad 2021”, but then some other sites state that it has been modified and is no longer recommended? Man i’m confused :smiley:

Hope someone can help a beginner out.

The Zwiftinsider website is the most comprehensive and well maintained. List of all the bikes detailing type, weight, aero, cost and any prerequisite like level. Then articles on best bikes/wheels for different scenarios.

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For me the essential shop purchases early in the game are

Enve SES 3.4 wheelset - best climbing wheels unless you luck out and win the Meillinsteins

Zipp 808 - best all round wheels at a low level, but you will still need L13 to get them

Canyon Aerod 2021 - good bike for both flat and hilly courses

As stated above this is all based on the Zwiftinsider research

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For the Zwift Insider article that I posted, I’d certainly ignore anything that wasn’t a “Must Buy”. And even not all of those are “Must Buys” IMHO. Often the differences are tiny.

Simon’s post above is spot on - Enve SES 3.4, Zipp 808 and Canyon Aeroad.


And that’s still an all-around good choice at level 50+.

Thank you all, i’ll get the Aerod 2021 and the Zipp 808’s!