About the Drop Shop:

This is amazing !!! My dream has come true !!! I see a very nice selection of Cannondale frames. The Caad12, System 6, Evo, and Synapse. I purchased all of the Cannondale frames (I’m at level 50).

I hope Zwift HQ will add the Cannondale “HollowGram Knot 64” wheels
at the Drop-Shop also (These are the Cannondale wheels that come
standard on their “System Six” bicycle that can be purchased at the Drop-Shop).

I use Cannondale bicycles/products exclusively and it is great to see their products
at the Drop Shop now for my use in Zwift.

I hope that maybe they will offer the 3.0 series race frame in the future also (an excellent vintage road race frame from the 1989 Cannondale catalog). The current selection of Cannondale frames in Zwift is amazing !!!

Thank you to everyone at Zwift who made this possible !!! You are the best !!!