CANYON AEROAD 2021 "Tweaked"? Is it fair?

So I went ahead and equipped myself with one… essentially “bought” it in the drop shop, only to find the latest update “tweaked” it???

How is this dissimilar to buying a speaker, for example, only to find a software update removed the twitter?

How is it OK to substantially modify the product you “buy” post purchase?

Zwift: not cool.

Gonna have to see how large the nerf Allen wrench is they hit it with.

Sounds a bit ■■■■ to be honest. But more for those who have been using it and want to be able to compare performance over time. Same for all “tweaks” such as ruining the jungle circuit…

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Details of how much it’s been nerfed are on Zwift Insider:

I’d really like my drops back.

With a Tron and a Specialized Tarmac Pro amongst a number of other frames, I am never going to use it.


Same. Had it for less than a week. Took 10 minutes off the AdZ climb only to find it now is now carrying my lunch and 6 pack for my next climb. Considering it was a relatively expensive bike, you needed to be level 25 and the Tarmac Pro was cheaper and available earlier in the game it made sense. It was also available like every other bike to achieve so don’t understand the point of nerfing it as much as they did.

It is still the best all rounder.

Good job on the fitness improvement. The difference between the fastest and slowest bike is only 110seconds. The Zwift Aero is only 34 seconds slower than the fastest bike frame.


It’s still a great bike, and we got it for a bargain price in imaginary currency, so I’m not bothered. I’m keeping it for most rides now - I like having a good all-rounder.


Tron is a better all rounder. Same up hill time as the Aeroad with Enve 7.8 but 9 sec faster on the flat.

If you don’t have the Tron then the Aeroad might make sense but it looks like it’s back to the Tron bike for me.


It was fair, it was overpowered based on the test results from Zwift Insider.

HOWEVER, this nerf should have been clearly spelled out in the patchnotes! It is bad communication tactics to try and hide a nerf like this.

No, it was not. Zwift post-purchase changed a “product” I “own”.

They should have let whoever owns it keep it (with whatever features it was introduced with), and have another, tweaked, version released for future purchasers.

Soon we’ll find the socks we love and “bought” had their color changed (sorry, “tweaked”)

It’s the principal, not the actual tweak that counts. I WANT MY DROPS BACK!


It being the best climbing bike in the game was an obvious bug. They fixed the bug. It’s a lot closer to being now what you’d expect from getting the actual bike IRL (although the difference between bikes is compressed in Zwift). It shouldn’t have out-climbed bikes designed to be light.

I’d view it as a few days of taking advantage of a bug, rather than being cheated. It is still the best bike in the game for certain courses, excluding the Z1.


Zwift Insider claims that there is no reason to ever choose this over the Tron so for me it’s totally useless


One other question - were they going to give me the bike for finishing the Academy? What’s the bike unlock at the end of the Academy?

I think it was just a paint job not a bike.


I’m not surprised that they nerfed it. As others have said, it was pretty odd that it suddenly became the best climber (considering it’s designed as an aero bike) as well as almost the best on the flat.

But it was a bit naughty not to mention this in the patch notes and use Zwift Insider as the mechanism to communicate the change (Eric says that he was tipped off about a change here).


I do appreciate, and enjoy, ZwiftInsider, and what Eric is doing.

Unfortunately, it seems as if ZwiftInsider often serves as “Zwift publisher”, bringing to light aspects Zwift is reluctant or embarrassed to publicly acknowledge themselves, by virtue of being a preferred tipping party (This may very well be false. But it is my impression, nonetheless.)

Zwift should stand behind it’s (presumably) “errors” (call them “bugs” if you will, but I do expect them to put some thought behind their product/offering.) I did invest hard-earned drops in a “product” that was post-purchase modified. Imagine you are, say, level #50, and find one day you were silently demoted to #45, because of “level calculation bug”.

If Zwift can change the product post-purchase, I should be given the option to “refund” the purchase.

No. Not cool.


can I have my 500k drops back plz? :slight_smile:


I should finish the Academy today I think. I am sure you are right

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I finished ZA yesterday. Logged in this morning, got the unlock notice for the Aeroad when I started riding, and the bike was in my garage when I finished. I also unlocked the paint-job.

The Aeroad is still a good all-round bike. But now that it’s nerfed, and as I have the Tron and the Tarmac Pro I’ll ride it once before putting it away.