Overweight Dura Ace Groupset

As I understand it there was a bug with the 9200 Dura Ace groupset that means it’s over weight and makes all bikes fitted with it noticeably slower.

Is this going to be fixed soon? For those of us without the Tron, the impact it has on normally fast all rounders like the Canyon Aeroroad is really frustrating.

I did not see that? Can you point me to that info. I am sure Zwiftinsider (Eric) did a recent speed test of all bikes.

Check the ‘STILL NOT FIXED’ section of this article:

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Thanks @Nigel_Tufnel

I completely glossed over that. Probably because I don’t buy bikes when they come out. LOL

Yeah, problem with the aeroroad is it’s a long standing popular choice of all rounder for Zwifters under level 30, best all rounder at lower levels by some way

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This has to be fixed! It messes new frames introduction up as their performance is below what they should be versus other frames…

That’s an example of the bug, 19 seconds slower uphill. It shouldn’t be too hard to fix that.

Do anyone know if Zwift have acknowledged this issue at all? Are they working on a fix, or are these bikes just permanently slower?

I haven’t seen any acknowledgment so far.

I’d have thought that if bike companies are getting their products into Zwift via the drop shop, involving money changing hands or not, they wouldn’t be too happy to have said products associated with slow performance, even if the cause is indirect because of being linked with a buggily-spec’d groupset.

Zwift Insider is making this information known and searchable and Eric at Zwift Insider seems to have a direct line to ZHQ people. Someone is surely putting pressure on someone to sort the code out, but the weeks keep passing with no acknowledgement or bug fix. Very strange.

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Check out the latest variant in this saga: How a Groupset Upgrade Slowed the Cervelo S5 2020 Frame on Zwift | Zwift Insider
It now looks like there is some intentionality involved, rather than this being an out-and-out bug, but that the rules aren’t being applied evenly across all frames/groupsets. :roll_eyes:
I’m hoping ZHQ are just waiting for everything to slot into space when some promised/rumoured big changes (UI, UX) occur in early 2022.

If that’s the case then all the older bikes should be slower too.

I have the S5 with E-Tap AXS in team sunweb colours and it is an extremely fast bike.

One thing not mentioned on bike weights here is BIKE SIZE!

The bigger riders in Zwift still apparently get to ride the same weight bike is a small rider who might have IRL a 51cm bike, while the big person should be on a 60cm which weighs more.

IRL, my 54cm S5 disc is 7.82kg on E-Tap AXS red and DT Swiss wheels. What would the same bike for a 2m tall person be?

“Should” being the operative word.

As Eric wrote in yesterday’s article:
“What’s actually going on here? Clearly Zwift didn’t set up Shimano and SRAM’s newest flagship groupsets to be heavier than the old ones. The only logical explanation is that, for some frames in game, some portion of the groupset weight *isn’t being taken into account.

So it’s not that Dura-Ace 9200 (and now, SRAM Red eTap AXS) are overweight in Zwift. It’s that some older groupsets are underweight , or their weights aren’t being calculated correctly.”

You’re right about sizes. Who knows if that is or will be taken into consideration.