Overweight Dura Ace Groupset

As I understand it there was a bug with the 9200 Dura Ace groupset that means it’s over weight and makes all bikes fitted with it noticeably slower.

Is this going to be fixed soon? For those of us without the Tron, the impact it has on normally fast all rounders like the Canyon Aeroroad is really frustrating.

I did not see that? Can you point me to that info. I am sure Zwiftinsider (Eric) did a recent speed test of all bikes.

Check the ‘STILL NOT FIXED’ section of this article:

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Thanks @Nigel_Tufnel

I completely glossed over that. Probably because I don’t buy bikes when they come out. LOL

Yeah, problem with the aeroroad is it’s a long standing popular choice of all rounder for Zwifters under level 30, best all rounder at lower levels by some way

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