Band issues

It appears that when the band changed perhaps a month or so ago with an update if has had a very negative impact on banded group rides. Not sure what calculations were done but the result is that when in a banded ride the effort level has increased substantially. In groups where folks are at different levels it is very noticeable. The stronger folks are having to work substantially harder and the speed has decreased. As an example, I’m a ride leader and rode the “Big Ring” route 3 times at a recovery/endurance pace in a consistent 1.5hrs. This was done in prep for Rapha 100km ride. The banded ride took 4.5hrs and the effort level was significantly more on each individual. I have already touched base with other folks who have had the same experience so it’s real. Can you tell me if Zwift HQ is aware of this and has a fix planned? If not banded rides are unusable. Please let me know

There was a recent comment that banded club rides had zero draft (as observed via Sauce 4 Zwift). Assuming that’s true I wonder if it’s related to the problem you’re experiencing.

No Paul it was a small ride so draft would have been insignificant. I believe it to be an issue with the band in clubs since they implemented the new toggle button. In fact I did a lone beacon ride Banded just to see the effect and it felt like the band was flapping in the breeze causing a definite drag resistance, which reduced my Kph by about 8 for same w/kg so I think the clue is there in an outlier case probably not encountered. I sure there is a coding error which needs to be rectified as in my opinion if I’m the only one in the band then I should really feel zero impact…