WOW banding

Is it listed somewhere that the workout of the week is banded? I recently ran an event workout and we all stuck together which isn’t wrong but we were throttled. Upon completion of the workout I stayed in the same world and lesser efforts yielded much higher speeds. I reached out for tech support and it was answered by a non zwift employee whom stated he would not escalate the issue and not to concern myself with speed results but focus on power and cadence instead! I feel if it’s banded it should be advertised as such, I can just as easily free ride and not take part in events!

Yes, generally all workout rides are banded. Probably why they’re all mostly listed as 1-5 wkg events.

Actually, maybe I need to retract this statement. Does anyone else have a view to this question? It at least used to be, that most Workout events (eg. the Shayne Gaffney/GC Coaching ones) were always banded, and I believe their descriptions still indicate this. Now, looking at Zwifthack and using the Rubberband filter, many Workout rides do not show up in the returned filtered list.

In going thru a Club Workout event setup, I don’t see an option to either turn on or off rubberbanding (or ‘keep together’ – whatever the difference is)?

Put another way, is there such a thing as an Group Workout ride, Erg mode and driven by FTP, where the riders all go at their real speeds (for their own power)?

@Jesper_ZwiftHacks Any insights from your end? Did tags change?

I would like to hear Eric’s take on this

If it’s a group workout and there’s only one category to enter, you can assume it’s banded.

Maybe and probably true. But isn’t it one category because the workout is based on each individual’s FTP, and not based on a ride leader’s power/speed?

In zwift academy it states 1-5 wpkg but its not banded, there is clear seperation! I just dont care to sign up for no drop group rides when i am planning a workout!

I guess those are the exception. I don’t know why they chose to set it up that way. To avoid rides like that, you can search on the ZwiftHacks events app. On the Rules tab there is a button to filter for “rubberband”. Here’s a saved search that shows those results:

I think James/zwift mentioned because there are Free Ride portions within these that aren’t erg driven? Not sure though why that meant they thought to turn off banding.

And I think something maybe be broken on the ZH filter at least for Workouts, neither event ID# 3996374 or 3996358 (as just 2 quickly found examples) have the Rubberband tag, but they sure do indicate there is banding in the actual workout description.