Rubber banding too much

I was a little late to the start of workout 1 and was was stuck with 3 to 4 other people with the mass blob couple of minutes up the road. It was pretty bad very choppy rubber banding, very distracting. Just FYI zwift.

Also when it came to the whole point of the workout, the 8 min free ride section, my trainer (kickr 1) spun out completely with no resistance whatsoever. Very strange,. Has anyone else had this.

Were you using your gears on free ride? For free ride erg is disabled and you have to shift

I agree - it’s too much. I would much rather they just let groups naturally form around similar FTPs

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Yes I was using my gears, there was practically zero resistance. Infact I spun up to over 160 rpms in 53 11. Sounded very not good for the trainer so stopped.

I have this problem occasionally when my phone is also connected to a Bluetooth speaker. It seems to screw up the Erg mode shift on and off. I have clue why but it’s happened twice in the last month or so and happened with Workout #1.

It sounds like your Erg did turn off but went to low resistance.