Group Workout band issue?

I joined the Triathlon based Group Workout today at 17:00 (GMT) and whilst it registered me with a place in the group the rubber band broke straight away as soon as the starting gun went. This resulted in there being no Workout splits displayed on screen or different marker sections to complete on the route, plus no ERG mode kicked in either.
I still rode with the group for the hour and it recorded me as having completed the workout successfully at the end but extremely frustrating that it didn’t work correctly… has anyone else experienced similar problems during group workouts?

Same for me. Startet two workouts by entering the event but no workoutplan was showing up. Also in the participant table on the left side it was shown that all are in ERG mode but not me. 

I’ve now had this issue multiple times, did you resolve it?

Hi Paul, I’m afraid I never really received a full answer from the Zwift support team as to the cause of the issue, only suggestions that it could have been internet connectivity related, which I know full well it wasn’t.
Luckily however I haven’t experienced the issue now for many months so I’d was under the impression it had been fixed.

In my case it was an issue with access rights on my (company) PC. I switched to apple TV but to be honest never tried a workout since I did. Currently riding outdoor but I will come back if I try again.