Group workout issue on windows 10 PC

I participated in a group workout, but during the workout did not see the workout plan or go into ERG mode. Workouts work fine when i select a personal workout. researched the issue, and there seem to be some references to folders not getting created on a windows 10 work PC, but did not find a solution. Has anyone else experienced this and resolved the issue? Please advise?

is anyone facing similar issues? This is an important feature for my training, and would appreciate any solutions. Put in a support request with Zwift last week, but am yet to hear back.

Same here, also on Win10 device.

I can’t participate in the workout when I join a group workout such as ZA.
It’s like a normal free riding group ride for me.

When did you do the group workout. Looking at your profile it look like you only entered group rides and races.

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Last one I entered was yesterday 7pm (ZA Workout #3). I quit after a few seconds when I was realisising that it hasn’t been working (again).

I’d show you a screenshot with all other riders having the transparent map in front of them plus the icon (bar graph) next to the riders list apart from me, but the upload/embedding of images is not working here.