How to identify Rubber-Banded group rides?

Is there a flag in Zwifthacks/Events filtering that shows which group rides have rubber-banding?

Eg. I was surprised last week to discover a group ride had started this, and had to drop (Seattle Baby Steps). I’m guessing it’s set that way again this week? Some rides have this in their description such as “stay together” in titles, but not always.

Group rides aren’t supposed to use rubberbanding, because it’s very broken there.

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But I guess they are… fwiw, I didn’t notice it working badly, just wasn’t what I wanted, partly because it stops making possible doing any of the sprint segments.

I tagged along for a few miles to verify today. yup the Seattle BabySteps ride had rubber banding. Is Zwift testing the waters on this for greater rollout to organizers who want it?

Paging @JamesBailey (once you’re back at work in the week).

I’ll try and check on ZwiftHacks tomorrow but I have a pretty packed schedule.

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Thanks, if you get a chance! It strikes me that if these types of rides start proliferating, in combo with the boost in PPs, there’ll be a huge change in ability for anyone to ride at anytime, with a lot of people, and at whatever pace they feel like.

Is this the steadiest group leader I’ve ever seen btw, or do these rubber-band group rides rely on the leader being in Erg mode? just curious

I have a rule which identifies these rides, I think: Look for the ‘Test - rubberbanded?’ button in the ‘Rules’ tab

Right now these are the events:

A saved search:

(these events have the value TEST_BIT_10 in the event data rulesSet)


Thanks Jesper.

I’ve removed Rubberbanding from all those events.


Hmm… do I want to ask why? I was going to ask Jesper to consider if adding a Rule that is the inverse (“No Rubberbanding”) was possible.

A number of those events do seem to intentionally want rubber-banding (eg Team CLS ‘This n That’ and the ZHCC Stay Together) as it’s specifically mentioned in the ride descriptions.

Rubberbanding doesn’t work well for group events and should never have been implemented in the first place.

About half of them were workouts, which would have had no impact anyway.


I already addressed this earlier at How to identify Rubber-Banded group rides? - #2 by Steve_Hammatt but now James has kindly reinforced that.


ok… but seeing the leader and participant comments during one of these rides, the rubber-banding seemed positively received. I understand it’s also a work in progress on club rides. My only thought is that those intentionally adding this to their rides, knew what they’re getting. OTOH, a bunch of the other rides might have just been mistakenly and unintentionally adding that.

Feel free to go and tell them.

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I don’t know what this retort means.

I don’t know for example though, how long has this ride been recurring, and ZHCC has presumably been quite ok with the rubberband functionality? All I asked was if there was a way to filter/identify these types of rides.

I think this is best described as a lose lose situation for James.