Group ride description

I’m asking that the group ride description is accurate on Zwift power.
It’s happened to me a couple times lately that I plan my time to get on a specific group ride and after it starts I find out that it is “banded”.
I always check first to make sure a ride I’m signing up for is NOT “banded”, I hate banded rides.


That would be nice. In the mean time, you can use the ZwiftHacks events app to see if it’s enabled.

You’ll need to contact the organisers of the event…assuming it’s not a Zwift event

That’s just a banded-aid for the problem :laughing:

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:100: but it’s the only way for right now unless Zwift reveals more about event settings. They should but if/when that may happen is unknown.

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I may be misremembering, but I think Zwifthacks also used to have a tag for “No Rubberband” so you in fact could filter to find events without it. Now you have to filter for rubberbanding events, remember which these are, and then go to the master list. Or alternatively click into each event you’re interested to then find out if the tag appears.

And per the workout thread also going on, some, but not all WKOut events seem to be missing the rubberband tag, even though they most certainly are rubberbanded.

I look for keys: A-E group Ride Together… almost certainly banded.

I look for targeted w/kg and I hold to those targets. I have been rides where the fence was implemented, and the leader booted people out of the ride if they did not return to the fence in a timely manner.

That may help as well