Rubber Band still not working in Group Event Rides


I am posting this in the hope it applies some pressure to get this fixed.

I host weekly Saturday morning event rides for my cycling group. We love the group rides, and specially using the rubber band (when it works) as no matter what standard you are at, we can stay together.
For more than 12 months now we have been experiencing the same ongoing problem with the ‘Rubber Band’. In particular, this happens on the flat routes. The rubber band splits the group into 2 groups with the front group riding away, at an easier wattage, and rear group are unable make any head way to catch up even when peddling double the wattage.
In example:
• Last weekend (Makuri – Two Village Loop) the split started (when we were all together) 10min into our ride, and the front group quickly went from 30sec to 1min to more than min in front. I was at the back, and as I am the beacon, no one was pulled back to me.
• This morning (London – Triple Loops) the split happened again. I ended up as the front rider on the flat roads of London doing 35km/h or more and only peddling at 135watts. Riders 1min 30sec behind, pushing out more than 250watts were unable to rejoin.
This is an ongoing issue, the frustrates the ■■■■ out of our riders. In fact, they are now beginning to opt out of group rides because of this. Over the past 12 months I have contacted Zwift, now 4 times, about this ongoing issue. Unfortunately, it appears nothing has been done. Please can Zwift look into it and find a solution?

Kind regards,

Mike Bacon.

out of wonder, does it ever happen on Watopia routes?

Sure does