Workout in a group ride (rubber banded)?

I’m joining a group ride that’s one hour long. I’m told it’ll be rubber banded to keep everyone together. I also want to do it as part of a structured training workout. I have the workout uploaded and it works fine in the Custom section of my training area.

Can anyone confirm that I use a workout within a group ride as described above? If so, any particular setups? Launch the workout first and then join the group? The other way around?

Thanks for your help on this new-group-ride user question.

You cant do a workout in a group ride. Only in a workout group workout.

Gotcha. Too bad. I suppose I can always just do the workout through TrainerRoad (the source of the workout although I have the file loaded into Zwift), but just also be logged into Zwift for the group (but leave the controllable trainer in TR).

Thanks for the reply.

If you do that you wont be able to keep up with the group or ride of the front. Most Group rides are a steady pace. Your workout will cause you to faster or slower.

You could search for group workouts in ZwiftHacks event page. Here are tomorrow’s for example

I have no experience of group workouts myself. I either do my own workout, a group ride or race.

It’s been set up as a rubber band group ride to keep everyone together regardless of pace. Is that still the case?

So you want to do your own workout in a group workout. Interesting idea. It should work yes. It wont work in a group ride.

I don’t know why you would want to do it. You will be out of sync with every body in the group, they will do all out effort and you will recover, it will be weird.

But try it and let us know.

Thanks. It’s actually just a social ride, not really a group workout. Just wanted to try to use it socially, but still get my structured workout in. I’ll fiddle and see if it may work. If not…oh well!

I friend shared this “hack”. I’ll give it a try, but it look promising.

Hack to Workout in a Group Ride

Yes that is in a Meetup, slightly different than a group ride.

Group rides and group workouts and meetup’s is very different with different goals and workings.

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Gotcha. I clearly used the wrong terminology. It was technically a meetup. I tried it and the workout worked perfectly within the meetup. Thanks for helping to clarify!

We just did a meet up with the stay together function on and also did a workout. Its just a matter of logging on and joining the group ride. Once you’re at the start point waiting each rider goes to menu and selects the pre determined workout and then once the ride begins your all set. Works really well. Everyone stays together and you all do exactly the same workout (except for one rider who selected the wrong one)