Group Training Ride Workouts.

Hi HQ.

I think it would be a great idea if a group of Zwifters could do the same workout at the same time.

For example,

If I created a workout, in Zwift or Training Peaks, now that Zwift can pull that days training plan workout straight from Training Peaks.

Anyone who joined that workout or ride would have the workout displayed on the left of the screen as with all solo workouts. But they would all be doing the same workout at the same time as a group.

Or a separate “Group Workout” section could be included to the events page. 

Doing constructed workouts is great on Zwift but would be better to do them as a group, even if a small one.

I lead a ride on Zwift and run it as a workout session doing interval training.  It would make it easier for leaders and coaches if the rides could see the workout on the screen.

Keep up the good work.

Tim James lionrockcycling

Hey Tim,

Group workouts are on the way.  Look for an update in the next few weeks.


VP EVENTS at Zwift, Inc.


Hi Charlie, i run an Kickr studio and is it possiple to do an training session whith the group and ather people at home at the same time?

greets , paul Schoone