Can you do a group ride in workout mode?

Can you do a group ride in workout mode?

Not at the moment, but there are changes coming to the Workouts so we will have to see if that is one of them.

I would love this feature!

A group of us that train together (outdoors) have tried to co-ordinate doing the same workout at the same time on Zwift when the weather is bad, but the results haven’t been fantastic so far.

Firstly we need to either make sure that we have all selected the same workout from the list (be it the zwift workouts or a custom one).

Then we need to make sure that we are all on line at the smae time, then meet at the same place on the course and then start the ride simultaniously.

Then we end up splitting up anyway all over the course due to different rider speeds etc.

I like it so that a single person picks the workout - schedules a start time - then riders join the workout/event like any other ‘race’.  At the scheduled start time the workout starts for everyone.  I’d be happy if the whole workout was completed on the ‘virtual’ trainers that we are all on before current races start.

Fingers crossed!