Group ride - can a group be forced to stay together?

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Hey all,

New to Zwift here - I run a ‘real life’ club with many different riders of all sorts of abilities. We’d love to do a Zwift group ride but I think it would be discouraging for some of the riders to immediately get dropped.

Is there a way to force a group to stay together? I’ve considered modifying rider weights but I’d prefer not to fuss with everyone’s metrics.

Thanks for any help!


(Barb Jaeger) #2

It’s tough to keep riders from going off the front of regular group rides. Consider doing a group workout. You’ll need to make sure everyone’s FTP values are somewhat accurate. Group workouts always stay together, but each rider’s effort is tied to and appropriate for their personal FTP.

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That’s really useful information! Is there a good place to start learing about group workouts vs group rides?

Thank you for your help!!!

(Barb Jaeger) #4

In brief, group rides typically have a leader who attempts to keep pace at a specific watts/kg, usually given in the ride description. Other riders are free to go slower or faster. Some rides/leaders are more successful than others at convincing riders to stay together. Group rides are a blast, but they do depend on cooperation from the group.

Group workouts are predefined and based on a percent FTP that changes throughout the ride. You can see a graph of each workout in their description. The nice thing about group workouts is that everyone can ride together regardless of their power output.

A great place to find individual and group workouts is on Here’s a link:

If you’re looking for general information about Zwift, check out Zwift Insider. My guess is you’ll find information there describing both group rides and group workouts. Here’s a link:

If you want to see what group events are coming up, you can use the Zwift Companion app on your phone. These events include group rides, races, group workouts and other official Zwift events.

Hope this helps!