Small Group "off the back" stays together within group workout?

I realized during a group workout with a friend that if you drop from the group* (by falling back more than 6 meters) you stay together in your new sub group.   Any one know if this really works as a reliable hack, or did I just get lucky once?   I’ll try to do some testing, but thought I’d poll the community first.  Seems there is great interest in smaller rides with friends…just wondering if we have a work around solution?


*we were riding in the main group next to each other in a ride studio and got our cadence sensors mixed up…lost time stopping to fix the pairing…so when we restarted we rode the whole workout together but dropped by the big group!

Interesting but not something I have experienced. I have found if I get dropped by the lead group, I still have to work hard to stay with a sub group, and then some days get dropped by that sub-group and the sub-sub-group - LOL

Then there are days when a sub-group really decides to work together and anything is possible. The work-together rides (races) are some of the best rides I’ve ever had on Zwift.


Ride On!

In group workouts they intentionally keep riders with different abilities together…that’s why I like these sessions… I get dropped often too in group rides and races :slight_smile: