Group workout dropping out

Hi, did a group workout for the first time yesterday.

I was going up and down the pack while pedaling the correct cadence/power.

Even being dropped out the group while using the needed cadence.

using a Tacx Vortex Smart in combi with a 1x10 mtb.

this happened a few times during the workout

When you say you were being dropped out of the group, do you mean you were falling hundreds of meters behind, or were you just drifting towards the back?

I was dropped several times and being sucked in again.

As well I was continuously going up and down the pack from up front to the back.

This is normal behavior.  The rubber-banding effect keeps everyone together so at times you will be at the front and then the back.  

I know that Charlie, but I was pedaling the requested numbers, and dropped back as well.

Ruud, I’m interested in hearing your experience with the latest update we’ve sent out (with the jungle expansion).  We tweaked the algorithm a bit.   Can you update this thread next time you do a group workout after you get the update?