Sync Riders of Different Abilities

it would be fun to do rides or workouts with friends and stay together on the road even while putting out very different power. 

Let’s say, for example, that I and five friends all want to do intervals together, but our FTPs range over 100 watts. It would be great if we could set up the ride on something like “Relative Power” so the six of us stay together so long as we’re riding the same percent of our FTP. During rides or intervals, I’d stay right next to my friends even though I’m riding at 250 watts, another is putting out 300 watts, and another is riding at 190 watts - so long as we’re all riding at 92% of our FTP. We could even do races that way - not relative to speed but relative to % over FTP over time.

This approach would be great for me and my riding buddies.

Thanks for considering it. 

Not sure why the negative votes; as long as the actual recorded values reflect reality - this would be a brilliant addition to Zwift. Not only for friends and family to ride “together”; but almost a requirement in order to have group workouts in a gym environment. Not everyone on Zwift is a 400w racing maniac that wants to crush all the competition :)