Riding with friends of different ability

One thing that stops me from “riding with friends” is that they invariably have a different FTP.
Because we are using Zwift as an exercise tool, rather than scenic tours, it means I actually never try and do meet-ups.
Does anyone have any solutions?
PS I have already considered the solution of trying to ride faster.

You can organize a meetup using the companion app so that it keeps everyone together. When creating a meet up under the ‘Customize Your Meetup option’ select ‘keep everyone together’. When you do this it will allow all your friends, no matter what power they are cycling at to be kept in broadly the same location.


You could do it by handicapping the riders, by altering weights to compensate for differences in FTP. Before the riders join the meetup, have them divide their current FTP by 3 and set that as their weight in kg. You could choose a different number but this is a middle ground value that shouldn’t create weird effects due to limitations of the algorithm Zwift uses to calculate riders speed. How well it works will depend a bit on actual weight of the riders and their FTP - maybe you could tell us what happened! Just remind the riders to reset their weight before they ride again after the meetup is over…

Or as in real-life, each adjust there speed to stay together. Having a higher FTP doesn’t mean they have to use it.

(Except on climbs when it every person for themself.)

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