Workout meet-ups

(Brian Nielsen Dbr) #1

Hi . The new meet-up feature is great I love it. But can I make at meet-up whit friends and ride some workouts ?? Kind regards Brian Nielsen from Denmark

(Nicholas) #2

This would be an amazing feature for club/team workout sessions.

As a secondary feature request, it would nice to have a speed handicap option for meet-up rides, to either limit or boost speed to match the ride leader. Ideally then everyone can stay together but also get a good workout in, without fudging weights, under/over working, etc. I know it’s not realistic, but that kind of workout leveling is a huge potential boost for the value of online riding.

(JF) #3

I’d love that feature too.
And the in game mechanics is already implemented for group workouts.

(Peter Mergaerts) #4

Indeed, would be a fantastic addition. Doing a ride with different FTP cyclist is soo much more fun this way! (My wife and I would do a lot of these. :))


(Oliver) #5

Next obvious step for meet-ups surely?

(Martin) #6

Yes, being able to stick together without weight doping would be great. My club is so close to using this feature as soon as we can figure out doing our custom workout and sticking together with such a huge variety of w/kg ratio’s.