Meet-Up Improvements

Please focus on improving the meet-up functionality. We desperately need it right now.

5min is NOT enough time ahead of the event. As ride leader, I often dont get the Join prompt to my own event and sometimes have to restart 2-3x before it comes up… a number of times I’ve made it into my own ride with 30s to go.

We need the ability to make other riders invisible.

We need more world and route options.

We need a better system to keep riders in the group… It’s brutal when youre trying to do a long 3+ hour group ride and one of your group gets booted from the group with 45min to go… or 15min into it…

Yesterday we had half our group spawn into Yorkshire and half spawn into NYC…

The other day a rider was in the pen, but wasnt released from the pen until 8min after the ride started…

PLEASE… We don’t need new fancy features… we just need the current features to be better and more stable…

I also struggle to get into meetups. Feed shows meetup starting in 5,4,3…minutes, but there is no prompt to join, and have missed events. I did not know a restart might be a workaround. I will try this next time.

Hi @Alan_Dempsey and @Craig_Boswell
You can imagine there’s been a massive increase in the number of Meetups during this quarantine.
You’ll be glad to hear we’re already hard at work on fast-tracking these improvements.


+1 to make other riders invisible.
Hardly feasible to identify the members of the group along hundreds of other riders

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++++ Please! The only option is to use keep together if you want to actually find club mates which removes the reality of club cycling and forming speed groups etc. If there was one feature surely this has to be the one clubs would find the most useful.

…and if we could have standings as in a race, it will be fantastic.
…and if we could have a serial of meetups as there were stages on a “private” tour, will be game-changing, and check-mate to the rivals in virtual cycling

Just saying…

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Meetups should be able to see only the drivers participating in the Meetup. It is too confusing when there are many riders in the world. Then you lose the drivers who are in your own Meetup.

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Amazing, Thank you!

The meetups are great, when they work, but if you have sensor issues and get dropped by the group, it is often impossible to get back on. Even with the keep together feature enabled.
Many people have voted for a late join feature, which I believe may be in the pipe line, a rejoin group would also be good and work along similar lines. When this has happen, due to sensor drop out, I can see that I am still in the group by the coloured highlight to my name, but am usually unable to get back with the main group, especially if I am still on a climb and they are flying down the other side.

It would be very nice to be able select a route and the number of laps. There are some really nice routes that are just too short for a meetup. Using the time option is not great because it means the different speed groups won’t get the satisfaction of completing the specified distance/route.

If you want everyone to complete a certain number of laps, just change the distance for the meet up so that it is long enough to cover multiple laps of the route. You aren’t limited to just one lap. I agree that being able to set the number of laps would be easier but, until that is implemented, just setting the distance is a good workaround.

I think it would be great if the meet up organizer could have the option to specify a specific jersey and/or bike for the meet up riders, just like ride organizers are able to do. On our group meet ups we have generally gravitated to the same jersey as a way to identify other riders in the group, but this means some folks are changing back and forth between the meet up and other riding. If the meet up could have its own kit specified this would save a step for folks. (Well, two, actually, since they wouldn’t have to change back, either.)

Also, I would like to see a countdown timer for meet ups, just like other events. At least on my Apple TV all I seem to get is a ‘Join Meet up’ button, with no countdown timer indicating how long until the start.

As a workaround, schedule the meet up in one of the worlds that is not on the Zwift calendar rotation for the day. This won’t eliminate other riders, but it will get rid of most, as the only other folks in the world should be other meet up groups.

I agree zwift need to improve what they have but I actually think of the meetup as a “fancy new feature”. It’s possible to ride with friends without the feature and people were doing it for a long time before the meetup came along. But yes meetups could be improved.

But I also think asking for more worlds and routes (which everyone wants) is basically the opposite of what you want. If they are busy designing new routes and worlds they can’t be fixing all the bugs or improving all the things that could be better.

Thanks for that. Useful tip! I wonder how accurate the reported route lengths are for the routes when setting up the meetup. Got me thinking, do you reckon even a single lap meetup is designed to finish on the length (give or take a few meters) or the finish is triggered by passing under the finish banner?

Not sure, but I would guess it’s based on passing a banner. And when taking into account the length, you would need to figure the lead-in distance from wherever the spawn point is. I have only done a few meet ups and they have all been time-based, so can’t say for certain. GP Lama actually just did a video on meet ups a few days ago: