ftp handicap

(simon orange) #1

I’m looking forward to riding with my friends and as we are all of slightly differing fitness levels I could see an ‘ftp handicap’ or offset being useful

(Bill Verdon) #2

I kind of disagree with this…I would prefer to make everyone’s systems play be the same rules so that one rider’s watt measurement equals the others. Having others be in better shape helps push us to ride harder…which makes us stronger. At the end of the day, shouldn’t this be everyone’s goal? Otherwise…why not sit on the couch?

(simon orange) #3

I was imagining this feature for private group rides - agreed it would make no sense for public rides…plus you would need to disable uploads to strava :slight_smile:

I think at some point that the decision has to be made as to if zwift is a realistic simulation or gamification of cycling. I personally think there is room for both.

(' BTCNJ-Jim-HUBS(D)) #4

No need to handicap FTP . Just post a group ride like any club does with Categories .Let the group know what the AVG Speed of ride then post date and time and distance. For example .

A Avg Spd 17 + mph
B* Avg Spd 15 - 16.9 mph
B Avg Spd 13 - 14.9 mph
C* Avg Spd 11 - 12.9 mph
C Avg Spd 9 - 10.9 mph
D Avg Spd under 9 mph

(simon orange) #5

The idea would for a group of friends to be able to race each other - with mixed ftp range. Not really group rides in the sense you mean - I might want to race my significant other for example.

anyway - just a thought :slight_smile:

(Duane Gran [Vision]) #6

I think the issue is that it is, for whatever reason, much harder to ride in a cohesive manner in virtual terrain. On the road it seems pretty easy for a group to stick together even over moderately hilly terrain but on the Zwift riders are all over place.

Is it a technical issue? I’m not sure, but it seems hard to ride with others even when that is expressly what you want to do. I’m either created or chasing a gap half the time. On the road it is easier to align with the group, but in Zwift it is easier to just do my thing.

My gut says that drafting isn’t conferring enough advantage in Zwift, but I could be mistaken. If this issue were tackled then FTP handicaps wouldn’t be so necessary because the draft effect would solve the problem virtually like it does outdoors.

(Bill Verdon) #7

If it is only game though…I won’t pay to play.They will have to get some of this stuff accurate…at least consistent for me to pay…

(lilmira koyotes) #8

If you really want to, just put on a 100lb extra on your profile, I don’t think there is a need to make it more complicated than that.

(Ron Skinner) #9

this idea is really important i think.  There are other software packages out there that scale your effort according to % FTP.  In other words on a climb everybody would be at say 90% of their personal FTP.  This means someone with an FTP of 200 could ride with someone with a 300 FTP and both (assuming they have established them similarly) would be working at the same relative effort.  Computrainer, ergvideo, perf pro and many others use this metric as a means of scaling so that people can ride together even though they have very different abilities.

(6M$ LEGO (naked Racing)) #10

Ron, Agreed.


There is a simple web based cycling training software called Tour de Giro. Members have the option to schedule a group ride with friends or an open invite to all members but will allow for a FTP handicap. As mentioned above, this basically brings everyone to relatively the same level. I have never had a better workout on my trainer then these events. Using an FTP handicap does not make the riding easier, it greatly intensifies the workout, especially in a race simulation.

(Douglas Seoulhawk) #11

Wow… This is what I was trying to say drawing the comparison to bowling. When you bowl in a league you will get a handicap of 90% of some value. This would work if you had a private ride with friends. The sower riders still have a push to get stronger and the stronger riders still have someone on their heel. Makes for good fun. I wish it could be done in real life… 

(Martin Firestone III (A)) #12

I think a handicap of some type would be fun during group/racing…similar to golf play.  Maybe having some events that are this way would be neat.  I totally could see this being a “in game challenge” that I could do similar to workout mode.  Over time I could gain achievements or ride with different groups based on handicap score.  I like the idea of riding/racing in the virtual world when based on effort on a comparable scale.  FTP is but one of many parameters that could be used to affect performance.  It defiantly would be neat to have a game option that brings a new challenge to complete or mess with. Thanks.

(Chad McNeese, ODZ) #13



(Warren Bayek) #14

The upload to Strava/Training Peaks,etc, would be easy. Just upload the raw, pre-adjusted power data, and then apply the FTP adjustments to the Zwift speed simulations only.

I hear all the purists that this would not simulate real riding outdoors, but that could be one of the beautiful things about indoor cycling. My online group has members of all levels, and its not realistic for me (or most of our group) to EVER ride with the leader of our group who is an elite rider, for instance. Granted we can’t ride outdoors with him either, unless he’s recovery riding, but it would be fun to do an equivalent FTP workout ride with him.

This feature would be disabled for most races of course. For those opposed, if you’re that worried about how fast you are on Zwift vs. other riders aren’t you sort of missing the point a little? And if others care to use this tool in a different way than you, why does that affect you? Ride your hardest, do your training, and enjoy your gains.