Weight equalizer / Handicap / Race option


Setup min and max weight and/or power restriction for race x automatically by the system.

The system searches for the weakest rider or an average of all riders (optional) and equalizes all other riders W/kg automatically.

Example 1 (3 riders)

  1. 60 kg FTP 320 W = 5,33 W/kg
  2. 70 kg FTP 320 W = 4,57 W/kg
  3. 80 kg FTP 320 W = 4,00 W/kg

The weakest would be the 80 kg rider (because of his weight in power all are equal) but in order to make it more interesting the system modifies the weight of rider 1 and 2 automatically just before the race starts.

  1. 80 kg FTP 320 W = 4,00 W/kg
  2. 80 kg FTP 320 W = 4,00 W/kg
  3. 80 kg FTP 320 W = 4,00 W/kg

Vice versa for the strongest rider …

Example 2 (3 riders)

  1. 60 kg FTP 200 W = 3,33 W/kg
  2. 70 kg FTP 350 W = 5,00 W/kg
  3. 80 kg FTP 380 W = 4,75 W/kg

Averaging W/kg and setup riders weight automatically before the race.

Average: 4,36 W/kg

  1. 46 kg FTP 200 W = 4,36 W/kg
  2. 80 kg FTP 350 W = 4,36 W/kg
  3. 87 kg FTP 380 W = 4,36 W/kg


  • all riders have similar weight / handicap
  • riders still have to put in their real weight
  • race initiators can change between weakest or average adaptation of rider weight
  • the only thing which leads to victory is willpower and endurance
  • pros and cons of weight still come into effect but more so the equalisation
  • in my point of view this would be the most interesting race solution i can imagine

All doping affairs in sports especially in cycling were always based on discrepancies especially weight to power output. With something like that every indivdual scheme in secret meaning to be competetive or have minimum equal initial value would be real. The only thing left riders can find out “who is best” is their “focus of the mind”. I really like to see this as an optional setup for future races and i’m very curious what you guys think about it!

The absolute overkill would be to make it valid for everyone in the zwift world. Each and everyone on Zwift is riding with the same W/kg and that value is an average of all Zwifters W/kg.

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lol no please, don’t do that to zwift

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You lost me with all the copying and pasting.

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Eat some Polysaccharides and everything will be fine :wink:

Equal w/kg doesn’t mean equal speed, though. Heavier riders (because they’re producing more watts) would always have an advantage. :confused:

I do like the idea of a handicap mode, though! With the data Zwift has, I think they could do it in a way that works well. I know some races have adjusted both weight AND height (for aerodynamics) and that’s gotten close to an equalization. :slight_smile:


There are a few discussions similar to this. I’m responding here mostly because the other threads are old enough they’ve become archived and seem to therefore be closed to replies. For example: Zwift Handicapping for group rides Handicaps ftp handicap

A handicap feature seems like a really good idea, enabling riders of different abilities to socialize together while also getting the workout they want during that time. How it would work for racing is another matter.

We can do it manually by changing our weight in the profile, but that’s more complicated than, for example, a slider accessible from the main screen. Also, since I don’t know all the math that goes into Zwift’s platform, I wouldn’t know how much to adjust it, or if I need to adjust other things too, like height or the 0-100% realism slider.

An even more expedient feature would be a button that would immediately impose a handicap based on the the history and specs of the person you wanted to ride with. Including history would take into account fatigue (ATL) or Training Stress Balance.

While we await such a feature, have any of you developed tried-and-true formulae or methods for setting a handicap manually? Does the method proposed by the originator of this thread work well? That is, weight and FTP?

I guess seeing this as an option and not as a must would be the way to go.
After implementation just watch how people play with it.
As i said people have to use tactics and their mind and brain just to make an attack work.
Equal Handicap without focusing on the FTP man that would be interesting!

It is working very well. I tried it with friends. And of course is fun. The differences on the climbs and flats arent much of a deal.

I’m confused? AS far as i know heavy riders would have an advantage in the flat but not in the hills. Please explane!

Well the whole topic aims just for one little thing - equalisation.
Equalisation is the engine of the sport, unreached but always aimed for.
With a simulation like this you could do it.
A simple race mode (of course optional :nerd_face:) riders can search for.

So question would be who would win such racers???
Of course the rider with the most anaerobic threshold.