FTP-normalized events

Today we tried a handicap race where we adjusted riders’ height and weight to try to normalize everyone to the same performance. It was a lot of fun and the racing was much closer than normal. More importantly, it allowed more riders to contest the win.

The weight and height handicapping seems to work pretty well, but I think the extra steps to join the event will discourage riders from joining. It would be really nice if events in Zwift could optionally be FTP-handicapped to achieve the same result. This could also help with group workouts.


I love the idea of being able to apply a handicap. But as a bit of a “stickler” I also hate the idea of people getting into the habit of entering incorrect figures into their details. I believe anything Zwift can do to promote the correct input values in the appropriate input field would only benefit the community.

great idea. I have did one C race on ZWIFT and more than 50% of people were in the A/B watts/kg range the entire race. Not much fun doing unfair CAT races

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It would be great to have something along the lines of the Zwift Handicap Race, where riders with lower FTP’s would start before the faster riders.  I suppose this is like a Cat and Mouse race.

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