I want a weight handicap feature

When there was no category Enforcement, some Japanese Zwifters used to race with weight handicaps.

The most intense racers with an FTP of over 300w would carry several tens of kilograms of weight, or beginners would get a weight bonus,
It was a lot of fun to race for fun, and was a key component of the early days of the Japanese Zwift community.

Indeed, we have been doing it quietly within meetups since that time, probably in violation of Zwift’s rules of use, but with the introduction of CE, we can no longer do it completely, which makes it a little tight. We can handicap by equipment or rules to some extent, but it is difficult to adjust and not enough.

Could you please make an official handicap feature? I know it is difficult to make a perfectly fair handicap adjustment, but even the easiest way would be to make the zFTP ratio the same.

I think the experience of having beginners and advanced racers team up for a race is something that can only be enjoyed virtually. Can we do something about this, even if it is a limited function within the club?

(DEEPL translation)