Handicap mode for riding with other riders

So I was wondering if there were plans for enabling some sort of handicap mode for  allowing you to ride with other riders of differing fitness levels.  For example if my ftp is 300w and I’m riding with someone with 200w ftp, I’m either going to crush them just riding along or I’m going to be coasting the whole time.  Obviously you don’t want to make it easier to claim koms, but I see no harm in making your avatar slower for the same wattage.  I see this as a percentage slider to make you 50% slower or something.

i guess you can change your in game weight to the same effect, but I don’t know how zwift handles the physics.  Is it w/kg at all times or mostly on the uphill?

I’ve had success just changing my gears to compensate for the slower riders. Keep your cadence the same, but spin up a lower gear. Works great for me! 

Or put on some weight (virtual weight)



Any reason you’re updating a year old thread with links to 2 year old older threads?

Just trying to show that some of these requests already exist.  It bothers me to see several of the same idea, with just a few votes.

Ideally, Zwift would categorize and combine these to get an accurate count of the “votes”.  They could use that to better judge the interest of each request against the others.