Zwift Handicapping for group rides

Has Zwift considered a handicapping system for group rides? Could be similar to a training ride in that it shows the person is handicapped, and not running their normal weight. It would be cool for people of various levels to be able to train together. My thought would be to just add “weight” to the stronger riders to even them out with the weaker riders in the group. This could even be applied to “race leagues” similar to a bowling or golf league. 

It’d be awesome to be able to ride with friends, my father, and my wife, without some people dying to stay on, and others bored and not working. 

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Have you done a group workout? Any event with the “E” label? That’s pretty much exactly what we do for those - we change around the physics so everyone stays together as long as every keeps pedaling.


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I thought e group rides were simply just open to any power level. So if I’m in an E group ride and I go full gas it’ll just increase resistance and keep me there?

They are open to any power level, because we keep everyone together.

We don’t change the resistance in any way that you can feel. It’s just the way in which we apply virtual resistance to your virtual rider. We refer to the group as being “rubberbanded” together.

I gotcha, so that’s part of the way there, but not really my complete idea. In this setting you can’t push the group, you are just there.

My idea was more the ability to even the playing field, but then everyone has to work to stay on the group, and anyone of any ability having a strong day could attack. Say you have 3 riders:

Rider 1: 3.5 w/kg
Rider 2: 2.3 w/kg
Rider 3: 3.0 w/kg

You even them all to 3.0w/kg, so rider 1 is running a -.5w/kg handicap, and rider 2 is running a positive .7w/kg handicap. Rider 3 is just even at 3 w/kg. Everyone is “even” and should be very competitive in a ride/race against each other. 

Now let’s say rider 2 has a break out day and wins, is able to drop the other riders over a climb. Their non-adjusted w/kg was 2.5. That would adjust and the next time, they’d only get a .5 w/kg handicap. 

Does that make sense? I feel like this sort of thing could be KILLER for a zwift based “cycling league” whether it be at home or in a studio. 


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Ah, I gotcha now. Yes, that’s a different request. But could be executed in a similar way… That is, however, a much bigger request too! :smiley:

Oh I know it’s no small undertaking. Was just thinking it’d be a cool feature you guys could offer down the road. Cycling clubs/teams could have their own race leagues. I know the people where I live (Traverse City, MI) could get a solid group on for a race league like this all winter.