ride with - in combination with workouts

in the group workouts exists the “rubberband function”, allowing that:

“Everyone stays together regardless of power output. That’s right, if you’re outputting 100W and another Zwifter is outputting 400W you will stay in exactly the same position relative to each other.”

Why is this rubberband function not available within the “normal workout” in
combination with the “join another rider” option?

if one rider decides to ride a workout and another rider wants to join. If there was this rubberband feature they could perfectly train together.

By the way:
this is what i expected under the function “join another rider”.

at the moment, if one of both is stronger, the other rider gets lost, within minutes after the workout has started.

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I think this functionality of doing private combined workouts will come in time but at the moment the join another rider function was not intended for people doing workouts.

  • if not STAYING together - what is the option
    join another rider meant to be?
    no matter if during a “normal” ride or during a workout.

I quite agree with Jochen. What good is that funktion ’ join another rider’  when riders / friends … can`t stay together , as soon as one is a bit stronger

In group workouts this is also possible. Why not in normal workouts?


The join another rider is so you can hook up with another rider and ride in free mode. It’s up to the pair of you to stay together. Completely unrelated to doing a workout together.

So currently, friends can’t do a workout together. Suggest you vote up the request for this.

what are you trying to say - Nigel?
By the way: Are you a Zwift developer - or why are you commenting?

Friends CAN do a workout together, but when they have different Watt-output
they do not stay together. But staying together - that’s what i am asking for
and what i expect - under the feature: “Join another rider”

obviously i am not the only one since i have discovered this request,
asking for the same thing.



I’m commenting because I comment on a lot of posts here. Generally to help other people out. No I’m not a Zwift developer, just a keen Zwifter.

As I said, if you want the ability to workout with a friend then vote up the existing request.

“Join another rider” works just as advertised. You are put on the road at the same spot as the other rider, in the same direction, up to speed, on the same course. After that it is up to you and the other rider if you stay together. It’s Join Another Rider, not Get Glued to Another Rider. Like real life. When you join another rider for a ride in real life, you stay together or not according to the effort you both put it.

And if I Join Another Rider and that rider is a World Tour pro cyclist, I don’t expect them to be slowed down to match my speed nor do I expect myself to be sped up to match their power. If I can climb with Andrew Talansky for a minute up the Watopia mountain, good for me. I don’t want to be tethered and dragged along with him artificially. (And the same goes for me trying to ride with an A rider or anyone else. Part of the challenge and interest there is keeping up by pushing myself. I don’t want to keep up with them because the Zwift program makes it so; I want to achieve that with my legs.)

I would be perfectly happy for a new feature, Workout With Another Rider. That is what the original request here seems to be asking for. But don’t take away Join Another Rider.

What we need is Private Group Workout so that you can organize a workout amongst friends like most people do when they get together for a private spin session.  With the PGW you could do it from home.  Setting up a separate Discord Server to converse would be just like being there.

If two or more riders are linked together riding in “rubber band” mode and one has high W/kg and the other is at a low W/kg,  how does the Zwift algorithm decide on ground speed and climb rate? (which I believe are added to your virtual miles and feet total).