Ride tethering with friends

I saw in a recent Group ride email that was sent out from one of the Pro teams EF Education First-Drapac’s that a '“Tethering - invisible rubber band” feature was enabled so that you wouldn’t get dropped from the group. I sometimes want to join a friend but with different trainers and different fitness levels it is very difficult to stick together. Is there an option to join a friend and be tethered to them so that you can truly treat it like your are riding with someone else? Perhaps if one person falls off pace they re-spawn and catch up or there is an easier option to catch up with your friend? Or can you give us the option to join a friend and enable that same invisible rubber band feature you advertised in the Pro group ride?

I hope this is an area that Zwift improves – I’ve submitted a couple of ideas to make riding with a friend easier.  Currently, it’s a challenge to stay with a friend when you hit crowded sections of the course, and as you mentioned, it’s difficult when your speeds vary due to different trainers and calibrations of equipment.  

that would be great, i cannot tell you how many times we are pushing a good pace and come up on a group or someone pushing a slightly lesser pace and my avatar ends up sticking to them instead and by the time i get out of it, i lost the draft to my friend and am 20 seconds behind