Need a feature to allow riders to link to one another, similar to a group workout, such that riders of different levels can ride at their respective power outputs yet remain together.

I am working with my daughter to become a full time Zwifter and she wants to ride together. Currently, riding with her would be difficult as our fitness levels and abilities are very disparate. A tether fix would be extremely useful.

Nice idea, am in a similar situation with my wife.  Would be great if we could ride together despite the differences in our relative performance.  

I’m in the same boat with my other half.  Sometimes we just ride the Volcano Loop in opposite directions and cheerfully wave at each other every time we pass each other.

But I like the idea of a “private group workout”, which could probably implement the same “rubber band” rules as the existing “group workout” system.

I think the private group workout option works, or introduce a tandem bike.  I would hate to see people using this for performance gains though, gaming the system to achieve unrealistic segment records.  Maybe achievements and scoreboards could be disabled during this?

@Alex, I dont think this would be a problem if the pairing is based not eh slowest rider.  rather than the faster rider towing the sow the slower would hold back the faster.  Juts match speeds on the road so the fitter rider goes at the slower riders pace regardless of effort.