New Algo has killed TTT’s

Doing ZRL TTT and believe it or not the new draft/dynamic is arguably the worst it’s ever been. Bloody awful. This is worse than when Zwift had us riding zigzags down a straight road. My target wattage on the front was 400-410 w. In the line 5th-6th rider the crap game physics require me to put out 330-350 to not get gapped off. For the love of god. Why is it so hard for HQ not to get a stable and realistic system going?

Edit: as messages below elaborate, I’ve moved this from general discussion to buy as it might have been an issue.

Zwiftinsider tested it and saw savings of around 30% at the 4th wheel. You should be able to stick around 280 - 290 and stay in the draft. Are you a lot lighter than the others on the team?

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I’m the second heaviest on the team today but we are nearly all within the same narrow window.

Group was a lot smoother, and less front to back motion… but, drafting seemed reduced and hanging onto the back as I was, was tough. 3 or 4m gaps open up very quickly where as previously they wouldn’t do so.


I’m convinced there is some issue. Bug, maybe bike choice bug, setting etc. Look here: (link removed) and watch your wkg and J’swkg. He goes past you with lower wkg and yours is about 1.0 more than his. Your weights are approx same.


This is a message from an internal team debrief after the TTT. I was on the Grey sworks Venge with Zipp super 9/858 disc so the bike/wheel choice shouldn’t have been an issue. Regardless I’m going to try again with a fresh install. Maybe I found a new bug?

No I think you found one of the negatives of the new PD . If you reduce the stickiness of the draft , dont be surprised its harder to stick in the draft . I am not sure it kills TTT (Which after all has not really been born yet as an official ride type in Zwift so its not really killing it is it ) but it certainly changes the way you have to ride it and needs adjustment to team dynamics and tactics . You have to watch your tail as well as your head now much more closely to keep a good line , and protect the lead pulling rider from being accidently passed far more easily by riders not pulling enough watts.

Draft stickiness is not a proper RL simulation thing after all , its an artificial workaround for the fact we have no steering and more importantly braking in the virtual world . Nothing will be perfect all the time until that is supported fully … if it ever is , many years from now . Until then we perhaps should cut a little bit of slack on how much we really expect this to solve all issues . It just moves the deckchairs about that is all .

The change however does affect everyone so its arguably still a level playing field , if not a well manicured one that might be the case if the race type was actually supported .

When that happens some drafting features to better reflect how the dynamics best work in the TTT event.could maybe get supported ( much like removing draft all together happens in an ITT event) .