Is the new Canyon aeroad 2021 fastest climbing on Zwift?

Has anyone tested that bike on AdZ or Ven-Top? On paper, should be the fastest bike…

Is this what you are looking for?

Hey mate,

I know about the tarmac pro, it’s been the fastest, but the new Canyon aeroad 2021 just been put in the drop shop, was wondering if it has been tested against the tarmac pro or not

Eric has the 2021 listed in the complete list of Zwift frames here. I also see it mentioned in fastest frames but not the 2021 version. Eric usually has information up regarding new bikes even before they become available in the drop shop. Find a recent thread about Drop Shop bikes and ask him. He responds to inquiries regularly.

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Will do, thanks mate

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Ask and you shall receive:


Most important question: is this frame paintable?

only a small portion of it on the stem and top tube, it looks pretty good!


You have to finish the Academy to earn your paint job

Men’s paint is blue, Women’s is pink.

The green looks good with last years outfit

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And how can I use the paint job after I’ve earned it?

Click the square on the bottom right hand corner (in the garage).I still prefer last year’s paint, much brighter with less black.

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