Bike isn't in garage after ZA completion

Edit : solved. It became available when I started my next ride. Beforehand, i was looking at the garage after going through the ‘Just watch’ option instead of Ride or Skip, which wasn’t triggering the unlock.


How do I get access to the canyon aeroad frame upon the Academy completion? Shouldn’t it appear automatically in the list of frames I own?

I completed the 8 workouts and 4 of the rides/races, last Sunday.
However I don’t see the frame in the Zwift garage.

The companion app shows I completed the requirements and that I got all rewards.

Any help appreciated


The bike doesn’t come with ZA completion, you get the paint job. You have to purchase the bike in the drop shop, and then the paint job will come with it.

I had not bought the aeroad expecting to get it from ZA. I got both the bike and the paint job after having completed the Academy. I got them right at the beginning, the first time I entered a ride after completing all 8 workouts and 4 additional events of the Zwift academy. One first ‘banner/msg’ for the bike. Then a second for the paint.

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No you get the bike after completion.


Really?! Dang, I bought it before

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What does the paint job look like? I’ve got the bike and completed ZA but haven’t gotten the paint job

I have the same issue:
completed all 8 workouts + 4 events, my dashboard shows I have unlocked the bike. I even received an email from Zwift which said I completed 100%, but I don’t see any bike in my garage, not even after starting a new ride after restarting Zwift

Same situation here, completed everything on Nov 22nd, dashboard shows 100% completion and unlocks including bike, but I do not see the New Canyon bike in my garage. Not even after few rides afterwards. Is someone from Zwift reading this forum or do we have to send email somewhere?

Same issue here. I have got 100% completed, but there is no sign of the bike in my garage. I did a ride today and there was still no indication of a Canyon Aeroad 2021 unlock. I hope someone from Zwift is reading this…

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I talked to Zwift support and they say that you just get the paint job and not the bike. ???

I got the bike and the paint job. I completed the 8 ZA workouts, one ZA race and three ZA group rides.

For sure Zwift can’t help if you only post here. Contact support and best of luck.

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Yes, I’m probably sure they’ll help. But there r a lot of forums in here they can’t see ALL of them at once. GL! :blush::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So basically what Jerome said. ^^^^

Answer from Zwift

“ Hello Johan,

Thank you for reaching out to us about your Zwift Academy unlock. Congratulations on finishing the Zwift Academy! I would be happy to answer your questions about where to find your prize.

Finishing the Zwift Academy actually gets you a paint job for your pre-existing bikes, not a new model bike. Just go into your garage and change the paint to check it out!

I hope this clears that up. If you have any other questions please let us know.

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I have the same issue as per the OP and others. I have emailed Zwift, waiting on their response.
Thanks for posting the response that you go from Zwift.

Unfortunately, that there is contradicting info is out there re. paint job vs bike after graduating :frowning:
Your response helps.

Got new info from Zwift team :joy:

“ Sorry, the message sent to you by our team above was not correct. There may have been a confusion as we had a different promotion going on with Focus bikes that was a paint unlock only. For Zwift Academy you definitely unlock the bike AND the paint. Have you logged out completely and back in to the game since graduating, and ensured that the bike is not in your garage? If so, please send a request to the support team and they will manually add the bike for you.”

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Oh Wow, this just adds to the confusion then! :roll_eyes:
Okay, I’ll wait for Zwifts response to my enquiry then

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So I didn’t get the bike after completion, had to purchase it for drops. It came with a paint job though. Can I get a refund? :slight_smile:

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FYI, progress from my side with an update from Zwift…

We’re actively working on fixing this bug. Your account will automatically be credited with the group ride soon as we are able to do so.
Please know that this might take up to three weeks and there is no need to follow up until then.