Where to find the unlocked Canyon Aeroad?

I was pleasantly surprised when my ZA graduation email mentioned I’d unlocked the Canyon Aeroad:

We’re applauding you loudly from all over the world. You’ve unlocked insight into training systems as well as higher levels of performance—not to mention the Zwift Academy Road Kit and the lightning-fast, race-ready Canyon Aeroad bike!

But although I saw an unlock message for some paintjob when I logged in again, there was nothing there about the bike. Did I miss something, or do I have to do anything else before I can use it?

I don’t think you unlock the actual bike, just the paint job


But then why would they say so in the email? Or am I somehow reading this (see email quote above) the wrong way?

They say unlock that imply that it’s now available for purchase. Not locked to a certain level anymore.

that’s a good improvement that they did that, made the bike available for purchase that is.

I was new to zwift in 2018 and did the academy and got a paintjob for a bike (S5) that I couldn’t unlock for like a year later!!

It’s not unlocked in the drop shop either, so I’m not sure this is what they mean…

Also ‘making it available to buy’ wouldn’t make much sense to me. It’s a level 10 bike, and costs pretty much every drop you would accumulate up to reaching that. So you won’t be able to buy it any sooner anyway

O no. I will have to investigate.

Last year I definitely got the frame and also paint job for completing the ZA. I’d be surprised if it wasn’t the same this time. It just appeared in my garage much the same as unlocked kit does.

I am pretty sure this year is just the paint job, and not the bike unlock.

Oh that’s a shame. It’s a really good all-round frame for new zwifters.

Just received a response from Zwift:

Our first batch of emails had a type where it specified a bike, however the reward was actually for a paint job, and the bike still needs to be purchased from the drop shop. This has been corrected in later emails we are sending out. We apologize for any inconveniences this has caused while you were waiting on the bike you had been expecting.

So no bike this time around after all