Academy Kit Unlocks

Anyone else not getting new kit even though my status says I should?! According to my status I should have Unlocked a cap, socks and a jersey but I only have the cap…

Any thoughts?


I got the kit in my garage after completing the requirements.

What events and workouts have you completed?

I have done 7 of the workouts and 2 group rides…



Hi yep I’ve unlocked all 4 but haven’t received my top or bike I have got the socks and cap frustrating I’ve done 4 workouts 2races 4 rd group rides and one ride with segments maybe the new updates tomorrow may resolve this fingers crossed

Any idea what the bike is??


Anyone ever figure out what the bike is? Is it the same Canyon Aeroad that’s in the drop shop anyways?

Yes it is.

The bike is the new Canyon 2021

You’ll only get the bike when you’ve dobe all 8 workouts.

Is it the actual bike or just the paint job?

The actual bike.

Thanks :+1:

Ugh. Too bad for me I bought it with drops! Wish they would have made it exclusive until the academy was over!


Just got from Zwift that it’s just the paint job…