Where's my jersey?

I have done my tri 2020(biking) already. 7 of them, where my jersey? i can’t find it in my garage. I only see the socks.

how does the jersey look like?

I think that the problem is that you only have finished the biking workouts. You need to do both biking and running workouts to unlock the kit.

No, I’ve only solved the cycle part of the tri 2020 challenge and got the jersey and the socks imidiatly after solved the last session for that.
It seems as Zwift has several problems with unlocking items. I’m waiting today for my shoes which I unlocked with leveling up to 27. I got messages that they’re unlocked, but they’re not there

I am also doing the 2020 tri cycling workouts. I asked Zwift support and this is what they say:

"Hi Rafael,

Thanks for writing in!

In order to receive the rewards for Zwift Academy Tri, you’ll have to complete both the Ride and Run sections. We understand if you’d rather not participate in the Zwift Academy Tri, and that’s alright."

That’s why I give you my answer. What is the name of the socks you’ve unlocked? Then I can see if they’re unlocked by me.

I have completed all cycling workouts plus 2 TT races for the zwift academy. when i use companion i see that i ve received both socks and jersey but i can’t find the jersey.

Another question? Did you all 6 different workouts or only six workouts? What I see is that it looks like you reach the jersey when you have done 6 workouts and 1 race. But you have to do all 6 different workouts.
Did you see a total score of 50%?

I did the race today. So now Ie dan all 6 different workouts and a race. After that I received the jersey, Now the bar for cycling sais also 100% end below it sais 8/7 because I did a workout twice. Hopefully this information will helps you.